Solar Power

Greenspek Information Technology Solutions Limited (RC1049478) is actively involved in renewable energy (Green Energy). Solar power has no pollution, no sound and is cost effective in the medium term and long term. A well installed system can last you over 30 years without issues or maintenance. In fact, the only maintenance required is cleaning of the panels. However, in Nigeria, that is done by rainfall. So basically, NO maintenance required. Just plug in to natures sunlight and enjoy unlimited 24/7 power supply.
You may ask, how can I use solar power in the evening when the sun goes down. Well, back up batteries store the solar power during the day. These back up batteries will last you all night till the sun comes up again. You can see that this continuous daily cycle can be sustained over many years.

Due to the fact that there is a global push towards solar energy, many have gone into the business. Your solar installation like any other product needs to be handled by experts like us. This will allow you enjoy the system without issues.

The cost of solar installation depends on your required power consumption. The key to enjoying your solar installation is effective power management. Most people are used to leaving lights or other devices on when they are not in use. This is power wastage.

From our calculations, the cost of running your generator 24/7 for about 4 months (@ N145 / litre) is just about the same price of a solar system that will last you 30 years with 24/7 power. Wouldn’t it be wise to go solar?

Our pricing is very flexible. Depending on the package purchased, we allow payment in instalments. This is in our bit to encourage solar power and ease payment for clients. Initial cost of solar power is generally on the high side. However, if you consider that the system will still be around for the next 30 years. You will begin to see the cost effectiveness of solar power.

The price of solar installation is NOT fixed. Several factors go into solar installation like location, power consumption, budget etc. All these are taken into consideration before project costing is done.

Power Calculation
Your power requirement must be calculated and possibly a site inspection done before we initiate the solar installation process.
There are 3 ways this is done:
1) An engineer visits your facility for inspection to determine you power requirements.
2) You tell us you power generator capacity and we can work from there.
3) You list the appliances you intend to power with solar and we can work from there.

Either way, our experts will determine which method is best for you considering distance and other logistics.

Since the price of solar installation increases with appliance load, we will advice on appliance(s) to add or remove so as to optimize your solar installation at the best price
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