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Mobile App & Web Developer

We develope customized apps for your PC and Mobile Device on various platforms. We handle development of mobile apps like ebooks, games... Read More

Solar Power & Installation

Solar power has no pollution, no sound and is cost effective in the medium term and long term. A well installed system can last you over 30 years without... Read More

Procurement & Installation

We have helped businesses and individuals in procurement and installation of high quality I.C.T equipment like CCTV, Computers, Printers and... Read More

App Development, Web Design and more!

Greenspek Information Technology Solutions Limited is a unique Nigerian I.C.T solutions Company based in Abuja, Nigeria. Our modus operandi prioritizes client satisfaction and quality services at premium prices. In an ever evolving world, businesses and individuals look to the Information Technology world for business and personal solutions. We believe in innovation and thinking outside the box. We always strive for new and innovative solutions; looking to equip you and your company for 21st century business. Read More...

Our services include: Apps development on PC and Mobile platforms, Web design, CCTV, Office setup, Consultancy, Procurement, Training... Read More...

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